love this

There is something magical about this picture, I cannot keep my eyes of of it. I feel like I belong there, it was my time and place. This is Rainer Maria Rilke, Rose Beuret (Rodin’s wife) and Auguste Rodin and two of their dogs around 1902/1903 in France. I also found a letter from Rilke to…


I often post quotes to remind myself how much wisdom is going around, to keep my eyes and ears open for it. So many people have lived through all that we think we’re the first or only ones to experience. Truth is most of us will go through all the colors of the rainbow in…

the party

Stress.. I have been invited to a party. My heartbeat is up. I feel excited and terrified at the same time. Who will be there? What should I wear? I don’t own fancy clothes any more after three years on an isolated mountain. Do I have to go? Do I want to go? Why do…


Who layed this egg…?      


Oh man, what a beautiful, crazy sad and crazy happy ride you were! Thank you! But above all I would like to thank ALL of you for sticking along with me during this journey. Let’s see what 2016 will bring!  

on writing

I changed my ambition at 17. From writing at an early age and wanting to become a writer I went to wanting to become a painter. I changed my ambition at 20. From being a selling painter I went to wanting to become a journalist. I changed my ambition at 22. From being a journalist I went to wanting…

stephen king

I just finished the memoir of Stephen King. I had never read anything he wrote before because I am not a real suspense lover. But after reading a review about this 15 year old book I ordered it immediately and it turns out to be one of the best, useful and truest books I’ve read in years….