I often post quotes to remind myself how much wisdom is going around, to keep my eyes and ears open for it. So many people have lived through all that we think we’re the first or only ones to experience. Truth is most of us will go through all the colors of the rainbow in our lives. Not at the same time, but each at our turn.

This quote form Michael Beckwith (an American Spiritual Teacher) I found somewhere online, and it resonates exactly with what I’m feeling these days.

“Behind every problem, there’s a question trying to ask itself. And behind every question, there’s an answer trying to reveal itself. And behind every answer, there’s an action wanting to take place. And behind every action, there’s a new life seeking or wanting to be born.” Michael Beckwith

To not just stare at what is happening in my life as a rabbit in the headlights, but to look deeper, or from a bigger distance. Problems are the key, not the obstacle. The more I see my life this way, the more natural and easy it becomes. I don’t have to tiptoe around the difficult parts anymore, hoping they won’t find me. Because they always will. It’s just a matter of time before the next unexpected bill or bad news will come to my doorstep. It’s my decision to let it rule my life. Like my friend Sofia says : “We have to be happy despite everything, not because of everything”. Despite of everything I can be joyful and free and feel peace. I tried it this morning at the airport. My god, I hate airports, they make me feel horrible, just like malls and other big modern buildings. I absolutely detest them, just like meals existing of more than 3 courses making you stay glued to the table feeling hungry for hours. Enfin, sitting at the airport I managed to stay calm, talked to nice people, enjoyed seeing the sun through the big gate windows, read my book and before I knew it I was in Budapest cuddling my husband. Easy does it!





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