love this

There is something magical about this picture, I cannot keep my eyes of of it. I feel like I belong there, it was my time and place.

This is Rainer Maria Rilke, Rose Beuret (Rodin’s wife) and Auguste Rodin and two of their dogs around 1902/1903 in France. I also found a letter from Rilke to Rodin, here below. Like we would write an email now, but with so much affection and respect. Friendship between free creative spirits is something magical. I feel the way they can be in awe of each other and influence each others life can by of tremendous worth. In these times of Facebook where we all feel we have to show our best side all of the time we somehow forgot about it. Sometimes it can be our task to quietly feed another soul, to silently watch the cross-pollination of creativity take place and honor it. To not do anything, not expect anything, to just let creativity and friendship melt together. If only we could remember to be that selfless and suit once in a while…

rilke-and-rodin  rodin_rilke_KL

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