“Are you afraid? How afraid? Three stars? Four stars?” The Belgian reporter walks around the street of Brussels asking people about their level of fear.

Most people are afraid they say. Because of Paris. Because of other people who are afraid. Because of what could happen.

I thought I wasn’t afraid, I wouldn’t let it have me. But when I walk with my son through a crowded shopping street, the shops almost close and it’s getting dark, there are two men who start to talk loudly to each other in Arabic. One has his nose and mouth covered with a scarf and runs into a shop. Then he comes out again, he yell something to the other man and they stop a black VW Golf and get in. This maybe took 20 seconds. But in those few seconds I have squeezed the hand of my son so tight it’s still hurting him, I dragged him into a coffee bar and shaking all over I tell the boy behind the counter to call the police.

So this is how I really feel: terrified.

I believe it is now we feel under attack we have to be brave and not get distracted by fear. It is now we should show our inner light to the world and not create more fear. Even if it is our most basic reaction, like I experienced.

Now, in these shaky times, it is not the solution to shut your windows and call for protection. When you feel threatened or attacked the solution is to go within and find the light and love you have collected in yourself. See how much there is for you to fall back on? How strong your human core is? See how you can be an anchor for others and yourself?

There will always be a reason to fear. Being the most fearful person alive – I know. Fear has no end, it will always find more food. So if you can – choose something else. Choose the light in your heart, the good in your heart. And spread it! Show it to everyone you meet! Do the opposite from your first reaction. Try to be aware and brave and do it!

If there was ever a time the world needed the good in you, the very best of you – it is now.


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