How’s your practice?

My friend Sofia is a yoga teacher. I had been doing yoga on and off for years when I met her. Going to classes once a week, stretching a little on the mat in the morning or for months nothing at all because I was too busy. She encouraged me to roll out my mat, to even twice a day now.

Sofia does yoga every day. For two hours. Every day. “Yeah, but she’s a teacher”, that’s what I thought. But these two hours she does for herself, not in a class. It is her practice. Together with meditation, walking and a healthy diet.

So when I tell her I’m not feeling well she asks me: “How’s your practice, Sarah?”  I know what she is really asking me:

How can you know what you feel if your head is full of thoughts?
How can you relax if your body is stiff from hurt or resentment or guilt or whatever you are feeling?
How can you expect to feel good if your breathing is not right?
How can you expect to sleep well if you haven’t felt your body today? If you don’t know how your heart is doing? Feel calm if you didn’t move your breath around? Feel gratitude without a moment of silence to be able to not feel, not think, not project anything?

Silence is key. There is no way of coming to silence without practice. Daily practice.There is no way of finding peace in ourselves but through practice. Every d*mn day. Thank you Sofia.



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