It’s a rainy, cold day and it’s very easy to feel frustrated. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough time alone, just not enough of something, anything. Frustration goes looking for food. The lack of something, angry thoughts, painful memories and the frustration just increases. And I get more angry with myself that I am letting all this negativity in. A circle in itself.

Then these words that come crawling up my spine. “Peace is the acceptance of all feelings”. They make me even more angry, peace seems a long way from the frustration I am feeling. How the hell should I jump from this bad mood into peace? I have a bad day! It’s ok to be frustrated. Life often is very frustrating, isn’t it? I am no saint, I am as crazy, frustrated, disappointing and negative as life itself. And there it is. It is ok. It is not about being a saint and being the light, it is about being ok with not being the light today, but a little dark cloud. Just like the weather. Peace and a blue sky are just underneath.

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