The body and soul always know what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind and listen.

I put my hands where it physically hurts – whether it be a broken heart, a broken leg or back pain- and I focus on the energetic block that comes with it. The life energy (also known as chi or prana used a.o. in reiki) that flows through my hands is a very powerful healing source that calms you down and relieves pain and lifts blocked areas in the body.  Your sore spots will warm and open up. I balance your chakra’s and see what else is needed to harmonize your system and boost your vitality. 

If the body can relax deeply we feel whole again and from this point it is much easier to be aware of our thoughts and feelings and connect with our inner wisdom and find our own answers.

I will share information with you which will help you take further steps in life. I also teach exercises, meditations and small rituals to help you integrate gratitude and self-love. All together this brings joy, contentment and an inner feeling of peace, trust and value. The good stuff we want and can learn to return to whenever we need it.

Every session will be exactly what you need in that moment with help of the crystals, herbs, fire, wind and all other forces that support your healing. Ancient healing methods adopted to modern day life.

At this time personal sessions are only available in Klimmen, Zuid-Limburg. A personal session with me takes about 1,5-2h. We start with a cup of herbal tea and discuss what you would like to focus on before we start treatment, followed by resting time. I’ll prescribe some ‘homework’ to continue the process and become your own healer. Feedback through email is included and beneficial. 

Session : 120 euros
A bill for coaching is possible for entrepreneurs.

A distant reading/healing takes about 30 minutes. In advance we discuss what you would like to focus on and set a time for you to lie down to rest during the session. Afterwards you will receive an email with information. I’ll prescribe some ‘homework’ to continue the process and become your own healer. Feedback through email is included and beneficial. 

Distant session : 50 euros

A personal or group ceremony for any occasion (birth, baptism, wedding, birthday, full moon, etc) can be done in our garden or at a place of your choice. 
The ceremony is especially designed for you and your personal intention around an element of your choice (water, fire, earth, air).

Costs according to wishes.  

On demand I can offer energy clearance for houses and offices. Please email me for more information.

email: info@sarahdomogala.com