Only part of the work I do here is for humans. So whenever you have a session with me, you not only invest in your own healing, you also invest in the work I do for the Earth and all of its other inhabitants. The forces that support our healing are strong because of the friendship I maintain with these forces on a daily basis. This is my true work which we all benefit from. The moment you come to me for healing, these forces will work for and trough you because they trust me.

My fees are high to enable me to do my work for the Earth and help other people on their way too. Many people come to me with small requests of healing and insights for a sick or troubled loved one. If it’s my place to help, I will provide. These are my main tasks as a medicine woman. So through a session with me, you are not only helping yourself forward, but many other beings on this planet, which will benefit you in return again. This is how we re-build reciprocity in our relationships.

A distant reading and healing takes about 1 hour. In advance you send me some information you would like to focus on. At a set time I will make a small ceremony for you and read your aura while sending healing energy to you in your own home. 

When the ceremony is closed you will receive an elaborate document with your personal ‘healing story’ – with information about any blocks, hidden gifts and instructions for new steps towards healing. Often I’ll prescribe ‘homework’ to continue the process and enable you to become your own healer.
I may suggest some ‘medicines’ like the use of crystals, herbs, plant remedies or ritual baths, some I can send to you, some can be purchased yourself. 
After a distant session you can email me with questions or share insights. Most people need one sessions to get back on their way for a year or longer.

Distant session : 300 euros excl medicines

If you feel called to come and visit me, we can see what’s possible.
At this time personal ceremonies take place in our sacred garden in Klimmen (Zuid-Limburg). With all the help of the elements, nature spirits, trees and flowers a ceremony is held especially for your personal healing.
Afterwards the information from your energy field is shared over a cup of herbal tea.
As it serves you, you’ll leave with a some herbs, a crystal, maybe a recipe for a ritual bath or a custom made plant remedy to support you on your healing path. 

Personal ceremony: 375 euros incl. one medicine

If a reading or ceremony feels too much at this moment, you can contact me with your healing question and I’ll tune into your energy field and blend a personal plant remedy for you. This comes along with a mini-reading in which you’ll read where you are on your path, and how the chosen plant spirits will help you move forward.
All used plant spirit remedies are made by me at and around our land on special astronomical moments with the help of my guides and nature spirits.

Personal plant reedy: 50 euros plus shipping.

A bill for coaching is possible for entrepreneurs.
email: info@sarahdomogala.com