today’s muse

Every once in a while there’s a woman popping up that triggers a story. I have these girl crushes on women who are great inspiration for characters. She can be a writer, an artist, my neighbour, the woman who reads the news. Today I fell for style. It is not just the clothes, it is what she tells with it. Looks can speak books, they say in Dutch.

The muse of the moment is this beautiful rabbit-in-the-headlight kind of woman with fabulous style, Sarah Lihn-Tran, a fashion designer who works together with her partner Christophe Lemaire.

lemaire-sarah-linh-tran 9f0f5c008f5e3bd5e72f8caf9b183478dfc85d8024833b8cba2505cf937b6d6d496bc36e7f87889e7b99b56068e89cf2 sarah-linh1

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