Why does everything start with light?

My world is dark right now but so much light comes in from unexpected places, to show me the way. We think we need to heal and rescue the person we love, but we have to heal and rescue ourselves first, because through that we heal and rescue each other. There is no other way to be together and…

stephen king

I just finished the memoir of Stephen King. I had never read anything he wrote before because I am not a real suspense lover. But after reading a review about this 15 year old book I ordered it immediately and it turns out to be one of the best, useful and truest books I’ve read in years….

happy new year!

Happy New Year to everybody!!! I have made quite some new years resolutions, some of them I already let go of (no chocolate…), others I am keeping. Because I am definite to welcome and nurture the new in our lives. It is time for more change, even though it is not yet clear what that change will…


Yesterday we went down the valley to get some shopping done. Something we are not really fond of and so we don’t go often. Coming home we realized how different ‘shopping’ actually has become now! This is what we bought: An axe. The old fashionable one broke after three times ! A christmas tree! A fridge….