Why does everything start with light?

My world is dark right now but so much light comes in from unexpected places, to show me the way. We think we need to heal and rescue the person we love, but we have to heal and rescue ourselves first, because through that we heal and rescue each other. There is no other way to be together and no other way to feel deep, unconditional love in a relationship.

Why don’t we just learn these things in school? Maybe because we wouldn’t listen, maybe we are only willing to listen and change when things get painful and complicated. It shows us the way to the light. The way to where the honest life begins.

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen


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  1. Philippe Domogala says:

    This is the difference between emotional and practical life. We are too much educated and endoctrinated to make the choice. Society rules , mostly based on religion, dictate what is to be done, and saving your neighbor, your family , comes always first for us.
    But in some other societies that were not subject to religion, Nature takes over .

    I was initially shocked when I was told how the Inuits in North Canada and Greeland used to deal with their older parents until a few decades ago.
    When winters were very hard , the older generation would silently one day go and sleep outside and die. This ” suicides” were accepted as normal way to ensure the survival of the group, as food was being in short supply .

    But the logic did not stop here , if the winter continued to be very hard and fear was thast food supply would not last until next sping , mothers would sent their children to sleep outside too, the younger ones the first.
    The cold logic is that by reducing the number of mouths to feed you increase teh chances of survival of some and continue the group and the species. To do this you must help the young generation able to reproduce and re create the group. Saving young Children or babies would not help as without their parents they would die too.
    So helping yourself before anyone else is the key to survival.

    The lesson I have learnt from this is : Only once you are secure and strong can you start again and help others.
    Help yourself first.


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