happy new year!

Happy New Year to everybody!!!

I have made quite some new years resolutions, some of them I already let go of (no chocolate…), others I am keeping. Because I am definite to welcome and nurture the new in our lives. It is time for more change, even though it is not yet clear what that change will be, I trust it to be good!

We had lots of guests and meals for the holidays, but in-between it all I managed to start writing on my book again, which has been collecting dust since last spring. I felt so frustrated I didn’t know how to continue, but now I know (thanks to this great writing coach and my husband) I don’t feel bad at all I have left it a bit. Although if I could change one thing about myself in the New Year, it would be to not be SO SLOW with EVERYTHING! But then again, I would have to stop taking nice walks like these and having nice meals like these (this was our xmas lunch in 25C in the sun!!).



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