moeder aarde apotheek

MAA sticker 35x35mm

And the time has come to open up my Moeder Aarde Apotheek (Mother Earth Apothecary) online. So many of us are in need of help on all levels to work through these challenging times I will offer a limited selection of medicine here for anyone who needs it.

All medicines are made in our healing garden full over nature spirits and good energies and herbs are picked and treated with prayers and ceremonies. The medicines are full of healing power, high frequencies and light.

Corona Anti- Virus Remedy:

A bottle of soul medicine to fight of the Corona virus with its energetic frequency, made with different plant and miniral spirits. Helps to prevent contracting the virus and to limit the symptoms if one has contracted it. Comes with a manual and can be taken by children as well.

Euro 20,-
20 ml bottle Anti-Virus Remedy: 

moeder aarde flesjes

Re-Alignment Remedy:

A bottle of soul remedie to help you re-align yourself and deal with the fear and uncertainty that are triggered in us right now. Fear is bound to be the first to knock in our door, if you work through it other emotions can come up. One of these emotions is gratitude another one is trust. You can help other people too if you work through your fear and be an island of trust for those around you. Comes with a manual and can be taken by children as well.

Euro 20,-
20 ml bottle Re-Alignment Remedy 

Personal Remedy: 

A bottle of soul remedy mixed and charged especially to support you in your current challenge, blockage or questions. I attune to your needs and make this medicine for you.

Euro 30,-
20 ml bottle Personal Remedy

Readings and Healing:

In a 15 minutes distant healing I can send you calming, nourishing and grounding energy that will support you in whatever way you need it. Send me an email if you would like to book your healing.

15-20 minutes healing

Ritual Bath: 

A mini ceremony at home in your bath tub or to be made into two foot baths. Full of healing herbs, cleansing salts and recharging crystals. Comes with a manual how to charge the water with your own healing energy.

1 bath or 2 foot baths

All prices ex shipping costs.
For all orders or questions please contact me:

In love and gratitude, Sarah

NOTE: At this time I don’t take on personal readings and ceremonies. I choose to focus on offering healing to as many people as possible in ways mentioned above.  

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