i am angry

After a lot of different thoughts like :

maybe things have to get worse before they get better
one day they’ll get it
so many people are waking up and longing for a different society
the future will bring new answers
if I change the world will follow

And more wishful thinking that you know is just useless when after months of protests, more than 750 arrests, and high-profile interventions by both the Obama and Trump administrations, the first part of the battle over the Dakota Access pipeline has ended. Oil is now flowing through the pipeline—and, crucially, beneath Lake Oahe in North Dakota, which is sacred to local Lakota and Dakota people and their only source of water.

Paris is swooshed off the table, mines are being build and this feeling creeps up your back that everything that is sacred, nurturing and ancient in our world has to be eaten and swallowed by the capitalist fire before we move to the moon. My affirmative thoughts are up, I am done I am angry. I know its not an answer, but at the moment I do not have another answer. I bless everything that is sacred and beautiful and that nurtures me and that is real and has a heartbeat, especially all those things and beings that have no voice.

I have a voice. You have a voice. It is us who have to speak in name of all those creatures who cannot speak or cannot find the words.

But for now I do not want to speak : I want to howl.


I need less. I need a planet to live on. I need silence to hear myself breath. I need clean air and water. I need love.

I know I am not alone in this, but most of us feel anger is not the solution. Well, oppressed anger isn’t either. Here’s why anger can be an appropriate reaction :

kat-yang stevens:

“Yes. I am angry. Many, MANY, of us are angry. I will not hide my anger, grit my teeth, or bite my tongue. I will not silence myself or others to spare the hurt feelings, or guilt, or confusion, or tears, of privileged white people who fail to take even basic steps towards understanding our oppressions. Anger is an appropriate reaction to the rampant perpetuation of often invisibilized forms of racism and oppression. Anger is an appropriate reaction to the privileged gatekeepers of funding, resources, and power, when they fail to identify and challenge their understandings of our oppressions and their inherent complicity in perpetuating them. Anger is appropriate when the earth is commodified for the capitalist agenda, which is part of ongoing colonialism and the genocide of indigenous peoples and people of color worldwide. Anger is appropriate when those with the most power in what they like to refer to as “our” movement – a movement that claims to want to stop the destruction of the earth – fail to invest in the painstaking, difficult, and lifelong work to truly act towards solidarity with the struggles of Native, Black, and other migrant/diasporic/settler people of color, we who are the most affected by climate change and the industries and systems that are causing it. We are all born into a society that grants us power in some ways and marginalizes us in other ways. It is how we all hold our privileges and power, and whether we hold them with integrity, that is at question here. What each person does with their privilege is up to them.

standing-rock-protest-march-on-roaddakota 1

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