a full cup

According to Eastern wisdom we get a present from our parents. A cup full of life energy. This is what we get to spend during our life time. When our cup is empty the fire in us dies and so do we.

Today I received a beautiful Shiatsu massage from a dear friend. She told me the story of the cup and advised me to take better care of mine. “Even better, because you have a history.”
The cup is placed in our low back and by rubbing it, keeping it warm and paying tribute to it, you protect it physically. The content is meant to be spend on ourselves and on our families and children. Caring for a child consumes huge amounts of the precious energy , but it is not burned, but poured into the child, so it will have enough for its lifetime too and this brings us pleasure and meaning.

“A mistake most of us unconsciously make”, she said, “is that we let our cup be emptied by people and situations and enterprises that bring us nothing in return, only an empty cup. Our life fire dies away, the burn out.”
It has been over 13 years since I recovered from my burnout and the scars are still showing to her while she tries to balance out my body in the massage. My cup that my parents filled for me has been emptied by the fear and panic, but also by my children and my husband and by my arts. It will never be full again, but somehow, without knowing about it existence, I have understood that my time and energy is not to be consumed by the world. It is there to be nurtured and shared with whom and what serves me best.

I started the weekend by baking a healthy chocolate cake and making the whole house smell like beautiful nutmeg. To be eaten alone with hot tea and a new book.
Have a nice weekend everyone, wishing you a full cup of whatever makes you smile.


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