I think we are all ready for change. President Trump and the Nationalist Fronts in Europe are showing us one side of active change and awaken another side of change within a lot of us : active empathy. That is what we need. I remember these words from Meryl Streep’s political speech for the Golden Globes  . Active empathy. They have become my answer to where we are in the world right now and it is all we need. It’s not about the career, about being busy, about status, about doing well, we say we know it but we do not feel it.

The simple power of empathy is that we do not have to let go of anything, we only have to shift our perspective one inch for one second.
Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feelings with the heart of another. From that we might understand what we and the other needs so we can make changes that benefit all of us.

We have become too much of an individualist to make community, we have to find the way back to community first, and I believe active empathy is our way. Anyone can do it in any situation or at anytime. Every little drop, every hint in its direction helps. It is contagious, it is nurturing for anyone involved in any situation. People, it is our way out of anything.

Maybe you will find there are so many ways to make a change by making different choices big and small. Smile at someone who needs it. Try some almond milk instead of cow milk. Maybe change your bank to one that promotes life instead of attacks it. Thank the sun for coming up. Take the bike and feel the wind. Say something nice just because. Go with the beauty of the small.

So start today, right now. Adopt the eyes and ears and feelings and hearts of the ones you love, the ones you do not understand and even the ones you hate. That is our single lesson here to really learn how to change together into something and someone we can all love. just one second, just one shift. Active empathy now!


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