winter solstice

It’s Winter Solstice today. A sacred day on which we light a fire and say our prayer. Many of us forgot and curse the dark, but this day carries deep meaning. It is a time when we turn inward away from the world. In the quiet, we have an opportunity to contemplate, be more aware of our dreams and visions.
For many people it is also the most busy and tiresome time of the year. Since a couple of years I give in to the silence and rest this dark time requests. I clear my agenda and do only what is necessary and meditate and sleep some more.

According to ancient beliefs at the darkest time of the year, the Sun is reborn and begins it’s long clim towards its height at Summer Solstice. In the darkest of caves and stables the universal goddess gives birth to her child, the Sun King, the light of the world.

Today we can imagine how our inner light is renewed and will grow and climb with the sun. We can decide what it is we leave behind to die in the dark and what we would like to take with us to rise into the New Year. I’m making my prayer and I will blow it in a piece of bread. One piece I will throw in the fire, the part that I will release. The other part of the bread will symbolize what I would like to nurture in my life, this is the part we eat.

Happy Solstice everyone!

Solstice drawing :  Danielle Barlow

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