your soul

If your life is not going the way you want.

If thing are difficult, hard, uneasy.
Put your soul first.
Put it in front of anything else, make it your top priority.
Remember how you felt after that holiday, hike, great conversation, amazing sex, sublime concert.
Remember how it feels when your soul is happy and uplifted.
Now listen to its needs.
Go get that massage.
Go read that book.
Go listen to that talk.
Take the day off and take a long walk through the forest.
Swim in the ocean.
Try that new food.
Ask that girl on a date.
Do yoga, meditate, sing, dance.
Pay attention to your soul.
Talk to it.
Do whatever it takes to inspire yourself, to like yourself, to feel happy about yourself, to smile at yourself.

Your soul is the most important, beautiful and powerful tool you have in your life. Use it.
Put it first, always, and your life will become more easy and fun.
You still think you can’t afford to? You can’t afford not to.


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