to be privileged

This is a very sensitive subject which I’ve addressed before: being privileged.

In all of my work I have been judged to be an over-privileged, white, skinny, rich mom. And you know what? I am. And it’s true : I don’t know what it’s like to be poor, to be hungry or to drag my new born cold and hopeless over the plains of Europe looking for asylum. I can only imagine and that won’t do. But I won’t apologize for it. What would be the use?  What is important about being privileged is knowing you are and not only take deep gratitude for it, but take responsibility for it too.

Being safe, educated and wealthy means you carry the responsibility to take care of areas that people who are not, can’t.

Without the worries of so many people in our world, I have the time and energy to explore this part of human life that is available to me. I am not trying to get away with an easy life.


The fabulous cool writer Roxane Gay (who is funnily my opposite in so many ways, but not in thought) has a good point about this :

“You can’t control the fact that you are born a white man or born into wealth. When people say “check your privilege,” they’re saying, “Acknowledge how these factors helped you move through life.” They’re not saying apologize for it. But I think oftentimes, because we’re human, we hear these things and feel we have to apologize, and I think that’s where a lot of (the feeling defensive) is coming from.”

Source: The Times
Read more in her essays ‘Bad Feminist’

So many over-priviledged people are feeling bad and anxious and exhausted. Let alone the people who are less privileged. We ALL know broken hearts, stress, problems, losing what you love most, panic, depression. We are all human.
So ask yourself privileged questions: What can we change? If we as humans are capable of destroying our whole planet, what great things could we instead be capable of? Nearly anything! So come on explore it, live it, dare it, do it. Now that life is still relatively easy for us. Don’t hide behind the television, your tablet, your wine or whatever it is that is comforting you. Be brave for all those who are forced to be every day.

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