It has been a little quiet here lately. Moving back and forth between Amsterdam and the mountains means moving through huge energy shifts. The silence and power of the mountain and the quick pace and turmoil of the city, I love them both, it makes life rich, but also hectic again I feel.
On top we bought our house in Amsterdam last month. The one thing we said we would never do: get a mortgage. And here we are, life is full of surprises! All this traveling and moving around gave the urge for somewhere to call home. Even if we don’t live there, we know where to go back to. We fell in love in this house, the children were both born in it, it felt right. So now we call it ours and make it ours by doing some renovation work. It feels grown up. The builders keep telling me: “Are you sure you want the pipes outside off the wall? Nobody wants this Sarah.” But yes, I like it. I like it real. I like it off. Even if buying a house seems like the right thing to do. I like it my thing to do. Like building a huge fireplace in the middle of the garden and a bath in the conservatory.

Meanwhile I am working on a new project I am a little shy about, but I will tell you soon. And I wrote a profile on one of my favorite authors, Joan Didion for Dutch Harper’s Bazaar and an article about imperfect love for Happinez Magazine.

More soon!

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