How can you be so busy and so bored at the same time?!

Life back in busy Amsterdam is very full and very dynamic. Get up at 6.45 wash yoga dressed make lunchbox dress another feed the dog feed myself feed the kids or forget to feed the kids rush of on the bike check some emails walk the dog make coffee great the carpenter etc etc work work phone phone work appointment work meeting work errands some more errands picking a kid up somewhere walk the dog again etc etc.

Not that different from life in France. Still a family to run, work, dog, etc. But the actual matter and context of these tasks feels different, because there is so much to do, to see, people around. How much can I fit in? Just this, just that, I’ll quickly pass by this guy or this shop or I’ll take some wine home on my way. And before you know it your day has gone into a time-confetti-like-experience, all these little pieces of life thrown in the air and sprinkling down on you.

It sound chaotic and exiting, and it is. But if someone asks me how it is to be back in the city just one words comes up: BORING!

Haha, it even surprises me, boring? Is that really the word for a busy life full of exiting work, exciting people, travel and much missed family?

Yes, I believe it is. All that excitement creates a thick surface layer where experience after experience takes place. But there is not much time or space to sink into a deeper layer, to find stillness or yet better; the very subtle movement of life.

It is life by the grand gesture and I love it. But what I love even more is the subtleness of life. The difference between the wind yesterday and today, or this morning and this moment. The subtleness of your heart bubble with joy over something even more subtle. The tiny things in life that are so easily overlooked. A colour, a thought, a stroke of light. Picking one single blackberry and smiling like you’ve found a little treasure. Being intensely grateful for nothing and everything. That’s the power of nature. Of being alone. Of the absence of business.

I miss that. I really do. It’s is simply boring without.

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  1. Heerlijk om te lezen en zo herkenbaar. Het drukke leven met kinderen in Amsterdam en mijmerend over andere plaatsen en tijden…


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