terra sacra


Our neighbours in France are shamans. I did not have any experience with shamanism other than knowing it has something to do with ancient tribes and medicine men. When I met Peter & Alice I got curious and they invited all four of us to a fire ceremony. It was a magical experience sitting on their sacred space at the foot of the mountain throwing flowers, holy wood and coca leaves into the fire as ritual sacrifices. They told me about the power of the elements and how the three worlds (subconscious, conscious and higher conscious) can work together to make life easier and fuller.

Meeting them changed my view of life profoundly. Nothing I did not know before, but integrating what I know means a completely different manner of living. It is so exiting to include the whole universe in your world, not just the tiny visible part. You really do not have to become a shaman to experience life like this. The only thing you have to do is be quiet for a moment and open your senses to all that is alive on this planet.

Click here to get in contact with Peter & Alice at Terra Sacra. Or go to the Oak&Owl festival in The Netherlands this weekend and join in one of their sessions.

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