Have you ever been blown out of a chairlift when you went skiing? Or felt the sun burning in the midst of winter? Anyone who has been to the mountains knows how strong the elements can be. I have learned so much about the rocks, trees, plants, wind, water, fire, earth, air, sun, moon and stars, I will share some of it the coming posts.

About the wind.

Living in Amsterdam the only real connection with the wind was when cycling against it. Swearing that it took twice the time and energy to get somewhere. In France we have the Tramontane, an extremely strong wind that blows on the plain near the sea, notorious for its heavy, days in a row, terror. Occasionally it comes up the valley to shake things up. Lying in bed at night, hearing the wind howl, the windows vibrating, things rolling down the street, we think it will tear the house down. As if the wolf is blowing at our little pig-house. Trees fall over the roads and all the animals hide until the winds calms down again.

People in the village know before it is coming. They can tell by the animals that hush, the typical curly clouds that are high in the sky, the smell in the air, the silence before it arises. They tell me to get my washings in, to put the plants in pots closer to the house, to close the shutters and to stay in.

And when it comes, it comes out of nowhere. It spreads it’s wings and starts to pull and push on everything. All that is loose lets go. With a tremendous power and noise it goes around, not spearing anything. The old wood is taken down from the trees, the leafs that are no use are blown off, blows the clouds away and the seeds from the flowers an plants are blown miles and miles away. They travel on the wind. So not only does the wind clean, the wind also transports. And it can not only clean and transport that what is visible, but also what is not visible. A walk on a windy day can clear your head, it can be a fresh breeze through your thoughts and feelings. But it can also transport energies around the planet. Nothing reaches as far and as strong as the wind. It goes around the world taking what is not needed anymore to places where it is of good use. It is a constant traveller taking an bringing, offering balance and renewal.

Without the wind nothing would move. Everything would be locked in one place.

The shamans taught me to ask the wind to take from me what I wish to let go (and as I told you, that is a lot), and to bring me the new. The wind has been traveling the world trough all stages and through all times. It has seen everything an it knows everything. So use it wisely, because it is a lot nicer to have it blowing in your back than in your face!

Image 2

Forming of a typical ‘tramontane’ cloud.

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