Back in Amsterdam I can’t remember quite knowing when the moon would be full or new. There were just too many buildings to see the moon at night, or the stars for that matter. I can’t remember looking up at the sky at night, only on new years eve. Because of the light pollution there wasn’t a lot to see. It’s actually one of the things that made me want to leave; waking up at night and seeing the pinkish/orange sky through the curtains, instead of a pit black one with stars.

But here, I know everything about the moon. Not only because everybody talks about it, but I can actually feel it. I know how big the influence of the moon is on our planet, but knowing is different from feeling. And as everybody else in our village feels it and all the animals seem to feel it, for the first time I can notice its influence.

Last Friday I was grumpy, tired and frustrated all day. Not very nice being Valentine’s day, but hey, what do you do? After diner we went for a walk and then there it was, the most beautiful big silver moon I had every seen. With a rainbow halo. As we walked into the forrest I couldn’t keep my eyes of it and I literally felt all the stress and dissatisfaction flow out of my feet. So strong and so clear, there was no denying possible.


Image 2

The clouds before sunset.

Image 3

A rare full moon with halo. It was quite a challenge to photograph.

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