to manifest

Little Mozes is two months now and he starts to open his gummy hands and carefully touch what is around him. His own face, my arms, his clothes. He carefully smiles and starts to make small sounds. He is opening up to the world slowly. And with him I am too  (hence this blogpost!). After he was born I just sat in a chair for days. For 40 days to be exact, 40 holy days to heal, to adjust, to get my strength back and bonding with my baby. And with those days sitting in my chair holding Mozes I felt how much had to fall into place, not only becoming a mother again, but the whole past year. Being pregnant, moving to a new area, big renovations to our new (but very old) house, my book release, turning 40, giving birth. All this within a couple of months, suddenly I understand what they mean by manifesting. Yes, we are manifesting a new life and it is happening so quickly I hardly can keep track. I do not have any idea what it will look like, it has no shape yet, but it has ingredients that I love more than anything I have ever loved. A fantastic home in nature made of wood, clay and stone. A warm wonderful husband and three children that include me fully in their lives. A garden full of local herbs. Family nearby. Two healing hands and a new book that is waiting for me to write it. Yes, I know now, this is my life, this is what I came here for, and I’m so grateful that everything that happend led me back to this simplicity. Away from the big and compelling, straight to this place, these people and my own two hands that can create medicine for spirit.
Now the opening up can take form and open itself, like the flowers outside. Being open and having nor form is very scary, but I am too curious what life will ask next of me. So here I am, ready to deliver.



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