wild horse

We all have a wild side in us, something we feel that needs to be tamed, to be tempered, to be ignored or modified or the world will think no good of it. Wild is impolite, impractical, impertinent. But wild is where we need to go when we want to feel alive after too much adapting to the world. It is where our souls hang out, our creativity and inspiration. Wild is the refuge we all can go back to anytime after spending time in civilization. Remember the children’s book, where the wild things are? 

I’m about to give birth to our son. Any day now, and wild is waking up in me. It is what will help me, actually it is the only thing that will help me in labour. So how do you prepare for birth? someone asked me. For that portal between life and death that is so common and immense and scary at the same time? Well, the only way I can think of is to call upon my wild horse and trust it more than anything I have ever trusted before.




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