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It has been over seven years since the first contours of my book started to emerge. And it took all this time to come to the realization that, yes, I am the person to tell this story. I don’t have to become more of an expert or more scared or more healed to tell about the journey into darkness most of us take at some point in our lives. As I said so many times before, it may be my version of this story, but it is the story of many, many of us.

I remember lying in bed back in those dark days hearing a persistence voice whispering write it down, write it down and low as I felt I could not believe those words would have any meaning to anyone on paper. But sometimes in the morning I would actually write and some of those words are now in the book.

One of the things that come with a book release is getting out there to promote your work. Television, radio, social media. But I am not only an introvert and nervous person,  I am over 8 months pregnant too, which is making me long for solitude and protection even more than usually. This has made me say no to most of the book promotion gigs. I did some interviews over the phone, but nothing else. I do not use social media or like to post anything out there. So basically this makes me invisible. The big question is : does this make my work invisible too? On what levels should I promote the book? How does this work? Does a review count if you do not share it? Pictures or it did not happen? Should I act out of character? Should I just see promotion as work and put myself aside? Isn’t the whole point of the book to never put yourself aside again and live by your own truth?

But again, a new situation demands a new view on the truth. So I decided to start an Instagram account and show some more of myself and ‘my results’. It’s just an experiment, I do not know if I will entertain you, if you will like what I share, if it will satisfy, but I will try. And mostly I will try to enjoy it, like I enjoy writing these blog posts. I have no clue who reads them, but I know you understand those things that are hard to understand and together we try. Because that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?


Love, Sarah

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  1. your work is definitely not invisible. it’s the best book i read in years. and your not being so much on social media actually makes me think: do i want to use it as much as i do? so thank. you.


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