Live simply so others can simply live. – Mahatma Gandhi

He got it right! And living simple can be oh so … simple!
One of my favorite foods this time of year are nettles! I make tea, quiches, juices, this wonderful pesto (we did it without the parmesan and walnuts) and prescribe it in different ways as a healing magician medicine to clients. The spirit of Nettle is very powerful, playful and nutritious with a kind and generous heart. It helps you remember how strong and loving you are deep inside and cleanses away emotional clutter. It also contains tons of vitamins, minerals and iron and grows just about anywhere you look!

Put your expensive multivitamine away, get your gloves on, step out the front door and collect your next healing meal in the sun !



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  1. sofiamagdalena81 says:

    Reblogged this on Mas Can Gibrat. and commented:
    Without the parmigiano apple cider vinegar is super to add (and exclude the lemon) !! Gives the fermented touch :)


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