summer solstice

It’s midsummer today. The longest day of the year. For me these solstices are special days on which our earthly sky seems to open up to the universe fully.

I collected floors with the children to celebrate the new life that the sun gives. I will stay up late and make flower crowns and see the light dim. Tomorrow I will get up at the crack of dawn to watch the light come in again and tell father Sun what I’m carrying in my heart. My worries and my wishes, not just for myself, but for all beings on this planet that either have no voice or cannot find the words to express themselves.

Then we will have fruits and linden blossom tea for breakfast and bring the children to school wearing their flower crowns and in the evening there will be a big bonfire and we will eat cherries and spit the pits in the flames and leap over the fire for good fortune and cleansing.

Midsummer means celebration in our little tribe.

st jan



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