I’m not the only one who felt the overwhelming energy of yesterday’s full moon. So powerful I felt I was going to explode with impressions, information, emotions and thoughts.

Then today, the day of sweet release, being so precious and special and beautiful I remember why everything in nature builds up and releases.

11 is such a positive number. It is said that when ever you see it, you are close to the divine. There are whole sites about the power of 11:11 in the clock. That it’s never an accident when you happen to see it, that it’s a sign you are aligned.
This is what my phone looked like this morning:


These people are my grandparents laughing in what must be the 80’s. I love these two so much it hurts and seeing their happy faces makes me smile too. More and more I feel how much they are a part of me and how their (not so happy lives) influenced me. Loving them every day helps heal those wounds, for me and for them and for all of my ancestors and family.

So today 11:11:11:11 I cooked a soup. Not to eat, but a special soup for that love, for our home and for the home within ourselves. And for the moon, thanking it for pulling out all that clutter for us and helping us to release.

Making these kinds of soups is very nourishing act. You poor in some water, add some herbs, sea salt, crystals, and you stir and you blow nice intentions into it and you sing to it and talk loving words to it and you let it boil very softly and your whole house smells wonderful. Then you let it sit over night. Add some of the water to your bath, to the water you use to clean the house or to your washing.
After use you poor the remains in the garden or park as an offering to our wonderful mother earth.
You see, medicine can be so very simple. And this is sweet sweet medicine.

My recipe today:

  • a white narcissus
  • handful of lavender
  • handful of lemon balm
  • some calendula flowers
  • a leaf of wild laurel
  • himalaya salt
  • amethyst
  • rose quartz
  • lapis lazuli
  • a large cinnamon stick
  • a whisper of acceptance and gratitude


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