sacred water

In a world where fire is so dominant, water is our cure. Water brings peace, understanding and calm.
The river that flows in front of our French home has taught me this. It has taught me that our culture is a burning one. Making it impossible to sit still and keep focussed, fascinated with speed and consumption. Eventually destroying everything in it’s way. Burned-out as we call it in city life.

We need water to calm our fire. Listen to the sound of it. Soak in it. Talk to it.

After my last post about ritual cleaning I thought about writing about ritual baths. I have been taking baths every evening for a really long time. Mostly that is even how I spend my evenings, washing off the day. As you know I like to keep it simple and evening activities are mostly making my life more layered, complex, expensive and cost a lot of energy. So it was of the first things I skipped (besides the odd party or movie night with mr T).

In my bath I used to throw in some essential oils, some magnesium or himalaya salt. I burn candles and meditate. But recently I came across an amazing medicine woman from NY who posts ritual baths on her Instagram. And I am hooked. Try it. Create your own. Play with it. Listen to your intuition. I have put together some intuitive recipes for other people too.

” Water encourages a positive slowdown that permits one to notice things that are usually overlooked at high speed. To seek water is to seek the vitality and blossoming that comes from successful self-immersion.” – Malidoma Patrice Somé











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