This morning we woke up in the dark. No not the dark we usually wake up to this time of year. It was pitch dark. All electricity was off in our part of Amsterdam. We lit a candle. No phone reception. No noise. No light.

It was dark. It was silent. It was peace.

This moment lasted for an hour, then the street lights went on again, the lights in the houses, the washing machines, the radios, the heathers, the internet, the “#*&%everything went back on again and the world started to spin twice as fast again.

Ever since : Oh my God I am so frustrated. I feel so overwhelmed by all these impulses, by this lack of normality I am ready to scream.

To indigenous African tribes the darkness is sacred. It is forbidden to illuminate it, because it scares the Spirit away. Silence is also sacred, it is seen as the language of nature. The power of nature exists in its silence.

In our culture this is bullshit, the dark and the silence are a taboo and should be avoided at all times. It is here where danger lies, in the unknown, in the ununderstood.

I crave sacred darkness and the language of nature more than anything at this point.

This frustration is here to get me thinking, to teach of show me something to bring me closer to for filling my purpose. I know it, still it is hard to not lose hope sometimes.

At least I can escape, go to my mountain and leave everything behind. But more and more I feel that this is not a solution. So one family escapes? And what about all the others that stay behind in the bright light of noise and polluted air?

Trump is taking his seat within days now. The change has to come from us, from within, from consciousness about what’s going on and what we – the people – need. We need a sacred place to turn to, we need a healthy relationship with our inner lives, we need love, we need darkness and to learn our basic language. The language of nature, silence.

That is the answer to what is happening in our world, waking up to what we truly need. And yes it will bring frustration, massive amounts of frustration and you will curse and scream like I do, but maybe, with me, we’ll find a int where frustration turns into strength and the wisdom that will flow from that will turn into power.



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