In our culture we talk about freedom as our highest good.
The freedom to make your own choices.
The freedom to do what you want.
The freedom to be who you are.
The freedom to say what you think.

This kind of freedom is essential in our times. The way we want to live our lives, the withdrawal from the collective to remember that free will is holy, that free will is crucial in our evolution. So after centuries of suppression and war, no wonder that we made FREEDOM our highest good.

The thing with evolution is that we always move forward. Life is always moving forward, looking for ways to improve itself. But in our minds we got stuck in the freedom-thinking. We want to be free to do all the things we want to do and we do not want to be restricted by anything. I hear people say they do not want a relationship or children because it will costs them too much of their freedom. I hear people curse other people because we are allowed to. I hear people say they can damn well do wrong and harm and exclude in the name of freedom.

Freedom has no name. Just like religion has been misused and capitalism is has been misused, we can also misuse or abuse freedom. Free will is your birthright, but free will is not being free from consequence, it does not mean we are free from universal laws, from the rhythm of the cosmos, from what makes us human beings.
Through discipline comes freedom. An unruly dog is let of the lead when it obeys. We are part of a bigger universe, of nature, of each other. There is no freedom the way we think it is. Breaking all the rules will just leave you feeling empty, depressed and scared. Like so many many people feel right now.

I believe it is time we use our free will and our (by our ancestors) obtained freedom to evolve. How about stopping trying to be right, or better, or breaking all the barriers we can find. It is time to start to collaborate again, to stop being afraid anyone or anything is after our freedom. Because thinking this way is the fastest way to create a climate of hostility.

Let’s use our freedom to choose again. To restore our universal connections like they have been for millions of years. The connection with each other, with the earth and the sky. Now we can add the empowerment of choice. Use the intention of love. Because THAT is freedom. THAT is freedom of choice. THIS is where our free will comes in.


mark rothko

I don’t know why, but writing this post made me long for Mark Rothko’s blue, like in two of his paintings above. The turquoise kind of blue feels like expansion, it feels endless but lovingly safe at the same time. You cannot end what you are made of.


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