I am doing it!

Yes I am doing it! I cannot believe it!

It took me years to come to this point. I went all around the world, the physical and the spiritual one, up and down in myself, through impossibly happy and impossibly sad times, through panic and fear and solitude to collect the experience, vision, understanding and tools to come to this.

So this is it!

I am starting my own healing studio in Amsterdam. Giving private sessions to whoever needs it. Goodbye stress and insecurity and hello inner peace and wisdom. Using my 6th sense to make everybody calm, inspired and happy ;) !

I know from whenever I was little this is what I should be doing. But I had to learn so many things first to be able to understand what healing is and how it is done. And I had to overcome many ideas and judgements. Me? The cool director? The fearful one? The imperfect one? Am I really going to be a healer?
Until I realized I already was and by denying it, I was saying ‘no thank you’ to what I came here to do! I was saying ‘no thank you’ to my next step in life. Maybe this was the reason things were not going the way I wanted to. Why film making was causing me so much stress. I just had to learn to say ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’ to what was already there for me.

So I finally found the courage to say yes to healing and discovered I can be my own kind of healer. I can be a cool healer who knows modern life and can make a connection between spirituality and daily requirements. Who can appreciate a nice beer but knows how essential it is to connect with other parts of yourself and the universe too.

There is a lot more to life than the eye can see. Let’s find more love, trust and peace by slowing down and starting to use our senses. Let’s see what you have to offer yourself, what you can say yes to. Let’s go and find out together!

Read all about it here : www.sarah-handson.com

And book a session with me here Can’t wait to meet you !


photograph by annemarieke van drimmelen





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  1. Wat een moedige, maar logische beslissing (zoals ik het kan inschatten). Heel veel succes!


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