I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore. ~Georgia O’Keeffe

Two quotes that make so much sense about how I feel right now. My recent crush on Georgia O’Keeffe says a lot about what I want. The New Year has begun. Now it’s time to start living the new. Explore. Go. Be. Forward.

What are you saying YES to this year?

I have said YES to so many things last year, it was fun, but it also confused me, caused inner doubt, feeling torn between contradictory goals. Which often left me distracted, feeling compromised and exhausted. Still trying to please. And I thought I stopped doing that. Seems like ‘pleasing’ is such a rewarded thing in our society that we adopt many levels of it. Try pleasing yourself first, see how hard that will be. Say no very often, and yes very little, only to what will take your life forward. Not everything is your responsibility, not everything is your job. One of the main reasons so many woman are kept from exploring themselves and their lives is they feel responsible for everything and anyone. Think about your responsibilities, make a list. Stick to them. Take them seriously. Leave all the rest to others. And please, stop feeling so guilty, it is taking you nowhere.

How about everybody pleases themselves first and share the love they find for themselves with the people around them?

Yes I know. I am a hippy. Always were, always will be. Born in the wrong time, or maybe just in time.

For now I think I’ll start pleasing myself by wearing my hair in braids and bake that chocolate cake. Then eat it and take some time to explore just that something about women that we all feel burning under our surface.





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