I sit and listen to a lecture about permaculture with a group of people when I feel like hit by lightning. The permaculture expert says: “Our whole relationship with plants and trees changed when we started to work from gratitude.”


I feel like I forgot about this word. But that’s is not why it’s striking me. I feel he said it for me. Just for me. More and more often I hear these soundbites. On the street, on the radio, parts of conversations, a stranger’s glance. Just for me. Like angel talk or whisper. And now gratitude. Suddenly I am one fire, I recognize this. This is what my life is about! I feel silly and weird but I know it’s true. People talk about their life purpose and in my surroundings that means being a director or writer or actress or costume designer. That’s what I was looking for. But now I know it is more precise, more detailed, more undivided. My life’s purpose is gratitude. Embodying it. Being it. Showing it. Sharing it. It is clear and simple.

I feel silly because I always thought my life’s purpose had to be something I am good at and showing others how well I can do it. And I feel weird because it is something so simple everyone can do it. But we forget, don’t we. To just look around us and feel grateful. To just look within us and feel grateful. We are focussed on seeing what can be better or different, move forward, improve. Why not move forward from a place of appreciation and peace. I will now try and move forward from gratitude, I will dedicate my life to it and I will let you know what it will bring me next.

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