“Self-deprecation is only for people who have self-respect”.

Sometimes you hear yourself say something and you think, hmm, where did this come from. I said it to a guy who put on his swimming shorts at the beach, only to find out they had shrunk. A lot. His girlfriend started to laugh, he was not sure wether to laugh or cry. It was over 30 degrees, the water looked tempting and there he stood with his butt hanging half over the elastic band. Then he decided to laugh.

I don’t know where it came from, but it’s true. To be able to mock yourself, to find yourself a little silly or funny or clumsy, you have to be somewhat free of guilt and shame. You have to be able to take some distance from yourself and see what a funny, stumbling, trying creature you are. Just like everybody else. If something is a relief, than it is the relief to not take yourself so seriously. Give yourself a break! Then you’ll start giving others a break and miraculously they will start giving you a break.

Another way of throwing perfection out of the window. If I wasn’t tired of this whole perfection aim already, I am fed up with it now. There is no space for perfection in my life. Nowhere. I like to goofy parts, the maladroit, the mistakes. Isn’t it where it get’s interesting? Isn’t it where to story starts? Perfection is just killing it. It is sweeping life right under the carpet, nice and clean. But life is dirty, people! Let’s get dirty! Let’s get interesting and selfish and stubborn! Because we all are. And if you respect yourself, you accept yourself in ALL of your shades.

Perfection is nothing more than fear of people finding out we are actually also real people with our flaws and mess-ups and dark sides. So come on and surrender! It is way more fun over here!

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  1. Paul says:

    Wat bent u een prachtig, onvolmaakt mens!
    Hartelijk dank.


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