I have learned so many things about being a woman, but most of them appear to be futile in real life. All the cliché’s were there: being pretty, thin, somewhat obedient, shy, funny, smart, well dressed, talented. Never too much. Not too much emotion, not too much ambition, not too much, not too much attention, not too much independency. I hear you think: but knew that all along. Well did you? Did you really?

We think we know, but while we know, still our actions are driven by what we are conditioned by. Life is a lot easier if you just follow the rules of what a woman is like. It is SO hard to let go of the stereotypes of our culture. But as long as we don’t have a clear picture of them we won’t recognize them properly we will never be able to let go of the expectations of others.

Of course I want to feel pretty, so does my 3 year old daughter, but I can’t always be. Nor can I be all of the above. You know why? Because I am a human being. An imperfect, balsy, emotional, failing human being, with a huge beating heart full of love and full of grief and insecurities and hope. Just like every single one of us. If you keep running to find yourself, you will find no-one at home in the end. If you want to live a complete life, there is no place to hide.

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