picture perfect

I think we often don’t realize how much our lives are based on pictures we have of how things should be. It blurs the mind for anything else, we just try and put the picture together. I think I am quite a free spirit, but again and again I bump into these pictures: “No it has to be like this”. “It can’t be like that.” Why can’t things just be the way they are? Why do things always have to be something? Or mean something?

One thing I have learned lately is that ‘something’ is always a lot of different things at once. Something that looks like a really bad picture can actually bring so much good, if you just let it, and stop labeling it as ‘bad’. And visa versa. Something you wanted so desperately can bring you a lot of things you didn’t ask for.

And this will repeat itself indefinite. Life will always tend to show you what you didn’t see. Because you don’t get what you want, you get what you need.

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