the heart

I start to love life all over again in such a fresh way.  There is more life in my heart now, I feel it filling itself with more energy every day. It used to feel like such a tight knot, and now there’s space. For others, for love, for life. Who knew it could be this simple. That all we have to do is just let go. Of ideas, of crazy ambition, of achievement, of always wanting something better. Even letting go of being happy. Like a dear friend wrote not long ago: I’m so happy I don’t need to be happy to be happy. Just let the sadness in, it will make you feel complete. I have been taught to stay away from the sadness, the painful and the difficult. But now I’m learning that that is also life, the difficult is there to bring out the beauty. Not the other way around.


Monday morning present on my school run. What a beauty.


Summer harvest arriving by the kilo!


The colour of the chick determines the colour of the egg! This city girl never knew that.



And to provoke not too much envy ;) our car broke down and had to be taken in, costed a fortune and Max and I had to hitchhike home from the  market.

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