7 years

A whole life phase of seven years we have been together today. What started as a head over heels foolish love encounter, develloped quickly into a firm determination to stay together. And we did. We moved in, got married, started to take our work more serious, had two fantastic, crazy, beautiful babies, moved to France. And here we are. We have been creating our home base for seven years, and now we feel it is time to start building on that base. To come out of our comfort zone together and open up for the world.

T. is in Greenland shooting at the moment, I am on the mountain with the children. In two weeks we’ll go back to Amsterdam together. Our life. It has intertwined with our love. Sometimes I don’t know which is which anymore, it has become the same. And I treasure every minute of it. Because it creates so much freedom and so much light and because it let’s everyone of us exactly be who we are and should be.



Maria Magdalena by Tanya Torres

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