life lessons

1. You are here to spread love. What is love? Not judging others, not helping others. Love is invoking Spirit where needed. Be Spirit’s eyes and channel on earth and tell it where love is necessary.

2. Give your children and your friends and your family love, attention, joy and boundaries. Give it abundantly, and do not mistake it for care or responsibility.

3. Let others be independent and free, also your children, teach them how to trust themselves, how to take care of themselves.

4. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are safe. Stop being someone. You do not need to prove yourself and you do not need permission for anything.

5. Focus on love and you will shine. Focus on order and you will feel serene.

6. Do not surround yourself with people who are afraid as it will not remember you how to love.

7. Create instead of consume. This means adding your talent to the circle of life instead of using it up for yourself.


9. But above all, love yourself and let yourself be loved. Honor the love that exists only in the space between you and another being, honor it hard and true.



Picture: Pablo Picasso drawing a vase of flowers with light in his studio, 1949

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