becoming a minimalist

Simplifying your life is something different from becoming a minimalist. Like looking for meaning is different from joining a religion. You could get there eventually, but the road is empty and could take you anywhere.

Still, the first steps for any change are the same :

1. Find out what it is you truly want, what get’s you going. what lights your inner fire. It does not have to be big. It does not have to become a job or a life purpose. It can start with a book, or gardening or -like me- with baking a loaf of bread. It can be anything. Grab it. Hold on to it. Make it holy. Trust it. This is the kind of energy you want to ignite in your life.

2. Get rid of everything that is not serving this fire inside of you. And I mean EVERYTHING. Especially if it feels impolite, strange, scary or stupid. Do it!


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