the simple life

When my panic attacks peaked about ten years ago – I was 26 years old – I started to wonder : What did I do wrong? And soon after : What part of life had I not understood?

It led to an expiration of possibilities, longings, dreams and false ideas. It led me to life in the mountains and back to the city. And along the way I have lean red the most important thing one can learn : what do I want from life?

For me the answer to a healthy, whole and meaningful life is simplicity. I do no longer want a perfect life. I don’t want a successful life. I don’t want a better life. I want a simple life. A life that is measured to the human capacity, to my capacity. Where heart, hands and mind are equally nurtured and used. Exploring the questions : What is quality of life? What do we actually need? What is giving us life energy and well being?

But mostly, this simple life is a feeling, a dream, and I am exploring how this can be my reality. Not only in the nature and solitude of the mountains, but especially in a busy city like Amsterdam with a writing job and a young family.

To achieve a simple life I have to give up a lot of things that I want all of the time. But what do I want? And why do I want them? That’s the real question!

Follow me here on this blog to see how I struggle, fail and find out what a simple life full of quality can be all about!



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