how to trust

Could it be that trust, real trust, has become as rare as the wild lion? The more we think we can control life, the more ‘the wild’ in our lives disappears. Not only what we call ‘wildlife’ but also the ‘wild’ side of our lives. We learn to trust in our bank account, in the roofs over our heads, in our education and agreements. But these things are not life, they are attempts to structure life. Good attempts because they make humans quite successful. But we should not mistake them for life itself, for life purpose and life solutions.

We often forget to trust life itself, we just forget about it. About its power, its will, its force and are surprised when we lose our job, run out of money or left by our partner. ‘Life falls apart’ we say. But life cannot fall apart, ever. The only thing that can fall apart is our ideas about life. Our systems we use to control life.
We try to fold and mold and make life into what we would like it to be, what it should be, what others like it to be. And then the wild comes out sideways. Our structures fail, we become depressed or anxious. We feel empty and long for something else, a ‘new’ life.

Trusting life does not mean leaning back and saying ‘everything happens for a reason’. It is becoming active in your life, understanding you can have anything you want if it is for your highest good. That means what is good for you might not be good for the next person. And understanding it might be hard to find out what is good for you, we will never know what is good for someone else. Trusting is choosing to see the unique in every person, every situation, every experience. To not judge and reject, but to trust. To give your full commitment to what is happening in your life even – or especially- if this is hurtful or shameful.
So when things get difficult, don’t blame, don’t run away. Trust yourself. Say to yourself you can count on yourself when you need to. Light your torch, use your curiosity, listen to your steady heartbeat and enter this dark side of life. Discover the beauty that is waiting for you in the wild.


“The wound is the place where the light enters you”
– Rumi

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