✍Healing Story:
If you have a burning question or quest you would like to receive answers in and medicines to work with, you can ask me to write you a healing story.
I attune to your soul and guides and will write a story straight from your soul to you.
It will give you tools to be your own healer and gain clearness on your life purpose and next steps in life.
Euro 150,-
1 healing story

🌿Personal Remedy: 
A bottle of soul remedy mixed and charged especially to support you in your current challenge, blockage or questions. I attune to your aura and guides and make this medicine for you.
Euro 30,-
20 ml bottle

🛁 Ritual Bath: An ancient and powerful way to calm, heal and re-align yourself energetically with your inner voice. A jar filled with healing herbs, cleansing salts, recharging crystals and comforting remedies.

When you order a bath I attune myself to your aura and guides and charge a special blend for you. The chosen ingredient are to be used in a bath ceremony in your own bath (or to be made into two ceremonial foot baths) to receive blessings and insight in what is most relevant for you now.
ComesComes with a discription of the used herbs, salts, crystals, smudges and remedies used and a manual how to charge the water with your own healing energy. 
1 ceremonial bath or 2 foot baths
Euro 50,-

🌿Corona-Time Remedy:
A bottle of soul medicine to fight off the Corona virus with its energetic frequency, made with different plant and miniral spirits. Helps to prevent contracting the virus and to limit the symptoms if one has contracted it.
It keeps your frequency high to keep you protected from lower frequencies (viruses, fear, gloom, dispear), brings calm and a feeling of contentment.
Comes with a manual and can be taken by children as well.
Contains: Bay Leaf Blossom, Papaver, Stramonium, Zinc, Technetium
Euro 20,-
20 ml bottle

🌿Re-Alignment Remedy:
A bottle of soul remedie to help you re-align yourself in fear and uncertainty. Fear is bound to be the first to knock in our door, if you work through it other emotions can come up.

One of these emotions is gratitude another one is trust. If you’re able to work through your fear you can help other people by being an island of trust for those around you. Comes with a manual and can be taken by children as well.
Contains: Stramonium, Rosewood, Full Moon Remedy
Euro 20,-
20 ml bottle

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