moeder aarde apotheek

Plant spirit medicines are medicines made with the healing frequency of a certain plant. The most famous example are Bach Blossom Remedies. I make remedies, but also teas, healing oils and ritual baths.
Each person making plant medicines has their own relationship with the plants and add their qualities to the medicine, making them all unique.

All our medicines are made in our healing garden full over nature spirits and beautiful energies. Herbs and flowers are taken care of and picked with prayers and ceremonies under certain weather or moon constellations.
These medicines are bursting with healing power, high frequencies and light which travels directly to your soul to heal old wounds, blockages, insecurities and help you grow in life. Plants are forever generous in what they offer to us.

Plant Spirit Medicines are powerful medicines that strengthen our inner voice and restore our connection to the Earth and our own true nature. They work on a deep, subtle inner level. Bringing light and the flow of love back to what was stuck and hidden. Using plant medicines will bring you back to yourself. They will even teach you how to feel more like yourself.

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