delivering parcels

We keep a candle lit on our kitchen table every morning. It’s burning for the two children who didn’t come into our physical family, to tell their souls they’re a part of us and not forgotten. And to remember ourselves that we are part of a lot more than we can see. And a lot more than we can see is part of us.

So much has been said about our current times, but many things havent’t. Some of us are struggling, with their health, with their businesses, with fears for the future or loneliness or stress. But more people are at home with their loved ones and are maybe for the first time in their loves granted rest. A break from the rat race. This time is meant to rest and to repent. To get straight what we’re doing, where we’re going and what we’re actually manifesting.
Did you ever think of what you’re sending out into the world what cannot be seen?

So if you’re in a safe place at the moment, try to send out love and trust and stop sending your worries. We all need that now, people struggling need your light and your positive energy, not the burden of worry. See how your thoughts on subjects or people are like little parcels that you deliver to them. If you are worried and angry about the people in IC units at the moment, you deliver heavy packages of dark energy to their aura’s. But if you think of love and laughter and angels and wish them the best in the world, parcels of joy and healing are brought to them. You can practice doing this at every moment. What do you want to give the people around you, the world, yourself, any situation? What do you want to bring forward in life?

And if you’re drowning in worry or fear at some point, we all do, these are challenging times. Forgive yourself out loud, you’re just human. Embrace yourself in your current emotion and trust someone will deliver you a light package of heartwarming joy.

We need each other more than ever. This is the time we learn that we’re in control of none of it and in relationship to all of it.

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