letters to my husband and his lover

A couple of years ago, when we still lived in France and my husband was in Holland for long stretches of time, he fell in love with someone else and had an affair. I felt devastated and deeply ashamed. I blamed him for ruining our perfect marriage, because –of course- this was entirely his fault.
But was it really? Who had I been in our marriage? What had I made of being a wife, a mother? How did those role models turn out for me? For him?
I wrote a book about the repair of our marriage and the repair of our love, after the rules had been broken. A story that hasn’t been told yet, or not often enough, because I couldn’t find it anywhere when I needed it.
Radically honest and deeply spiritual I search for what it means to really love, to forgive, to be yourself in a relationship and in a world that seduces us again and again to be faithful to anybody but ourselves.

This is a true love story that can help you find love and light in the dark.
You can pre-order it in Dutch

English version will be available later this year.
Book in stores April 15 2020


190819 Cover_De kunst van het verdwijnen

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